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World Open 2010: Semi Final v Nicol David

Tuesday 21st September
Semi Finals: Alison lost to Nicol David (0-3)


Scores will be updated here..6.30pm…..LIVE…..12/14, 2/11, 6/11, [38 Minutes]


“Well tonights match was hard work.. Nicol was relentless and it was
tough out there. So much hotter then last night and
after a tight first game which i think looking back now was crucial
14-12..i seemed to hit a brick wall and nicol got a boost by winning the
first game so it was an uphill battle after that! Very draining and
don’t think i have ever seen my face so red before!!! Shocking ha!
Can’t complain about getting to the semis of the world open but would
have been good not to have lost to Nicol again…!
A day of relaxing tomorrow and catching some sun and snorkelling which
is meant to be really good here!”   – Alison

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