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World Open 2010: Last 16 v Annie Au

Last 16: Alison beat Annie Au (3-0)
11/2, 11/7, 14/12 [32 minutes]

“Won last night 3-0 against Annie. Had a good game plan and think I stuck to it pretty well. The third was pretty
tight 14-12 so was happy not to have dropped a game and conserve some energy. We played outside on the
glass court and even playing at
9pm it was still pretty hot and bouncy. It was much better though then our
practice in the morning when the court was like a ‘greenhouse’ Temperature must have been well over
30 degrees.
Playing Vanessa Atkinson tonight, we haven’t played for a while but she had a good win
yesterday and is a tough opponent.

Ok well off to the 'greenhouse' now!’"   - Alison

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