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World Open 2009: Semi Finals v Nicol David

Lost 3-1     [11/4, 6/11, 13/15, 7/11] 

“This was a great tournament and I really enjoyed my match with Nicol.  It was a very close game!  I can’t believe I had four game balls in the 3rd game.  That was so annoying not to win that one.  She played very well though and kept the pressure on.  Next time!!!’   – Alison

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 “That’s the best she’s ever played” stated Alison’s dad right after she lost that crucial third game 15/13, and I think that all will agree the statement to be correct….

If Nicol played with a lot of poise in the first points, very quickly, it just turned to Alison’s advantage, with the English girl hitting that ball with authority and precision. And honestly, Nicol just didn’t seem to see the ball, always a bit late, and always on the back foot.

The second saw a more assertive Nicol, but Alison was still to make her first unforced error, that shows how flawless her game was. The English lady ended up making two errors, the second at the end of an amazing rally at 8/5 Nicol, a nth drop shot that finally clips the tin. We knew at the moment that we were in for a great third.

And boy we weren’t disappointed! What a game people, Ali didn’t have much to lose, hit her shots low and powerfully, Nicol kept on calming the pace down, lobbing as much as she could, while Ali tried her best to pick the rhythm up… Stunning rallies, with the English lady finding breathtaking winners, well, should have been winners, that the World Champion would save one after the other… the crowd was loving every minute of it.


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