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Update from Alison (30th March 2011)

‘’I’m leaving for the last two tournaments of the season on Friday. Starting with a ‘Gold Event’ in the Cayman Islands where I’m seeded 4. I’m really excited about playing there as I missed last year through injury and all the girls say it’s a great place and event! It will be nice to be in the sunshine and Dan Kneipp and his team sound like they are doing an amazing job of getting everything ready.

After Cayman I go straight to Dallas for a ‘Silver Event’ where I’m seeded 2. I haven’t played at this event for a few years so I’m looking forward to going back there.

In both events I’m playing a qualifier first round so will find out the night before the main round starts who I will be playing.

So first up… Cayman here we come!!’’

Alison xx

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