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Update 6th September 2011

All is going well and I have been increasing my training over the last
few weeks.

I’m working hard with physio Ed who puts me through a series of
exercises, increasing the movement as we go.

Today was glute, skipping, ladder drills, mini hurdles, lateral
movements and just making it more squash specific.

I have been doing more hitting on court and started some light routines
and exercises. The key now is not to get carried away and think I’m ok to do everything. I’m still building my training up and don’t want to rush into something that I’m not quite ready for.

I have entered the World Open in Rotterdam on the 1st November. So I
still have a good 8 weeks to prepare for this.

I can’t wait to get back into tournaments as my last one was the Cayman
Islands in April so a long time ago.

All I can do now is to work hard in training and do everything i can to
make sure I turn up at the worlds in the best shape possible. Eight weeks seems a long time but time does seem to go quickly so I will make sure every session has real focus and quality to it.

Eight weeks and counting!

Alison xx

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