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Update 20th June 2011

When I got back from Cayman I saw my physio and doctor and we decided that I needed to see a top Tendon specialist to discuss my Achilles problems which I have been suffering from over the last year!

To cut a long story short I ended up travelling to Sweden to have an operation on the removal of a bone spur. This had been causing the tendinitis in my Achilles. I had a local procedure and it took about an hour or so.

The worst bit was when they put the local anaesthetic in and then when they actually removed the bone spur.

As I was awake I heard this loud banging noise which was the bone being removed. I asked to see the tool he used and it was literally a hammer and chisel!!! I took the piece of bone ( a good centimetre of two) home as a souvenir!!!

So it’s been three weeks since I had the operation and all is going well. Had a week or so on crutches and gradually eased off them, two crutches, one and now walking without. Have just started to use the bike and bringing in other exercises so am happy to be exercising again.

We went to Cornwall last week and had a great stay in a place called Looe. We took our rib out on the sea and tried our hand at fishing which wasn’t that successful!! Weather was on and off but wasn’t too bad overall.

I Have had quite a bit of spare time on my hands the last few weeks and have started Learning Spanish. I’ve Got a great audio course I’m listening to. It’s quite a challenge but i’m enjoying it. I Might need a trip to spain to practice.

So all in all everything is well. Recovery time is 2-3 months as it needs time for everything to heel. I’m going to miss the start of the season but I’m aiming to come back fitter and stronger then I was before. I have to take my time with this and not rush back and will step up the level and intensity of training gradually.

On another note.. Going to Wimbledon tomorrow. Got centre court tickets so am looking forward to that. Hopefully the sun will be shining.

Thats all for now,

Alison x

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