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Tournaments in Canada

I’m in Canada now for a two week trip. Montreal is the first stop then Toronto next week.

I am really enjoying Montreal.  I’ve been here since Thursday as originally I was meant to be qualifying but then someone pulled out of the main draw so as I was the number one qualifier it put me straight into the main draw.

I’m staying with a great family who live only a 2 minute walk from the club which makes life easy.

The weather has been warm and sunny. I had packed lots of clothes for the cold weather as everyone expected it would be, but this seems to be there mildest winter and I’m still walking around in a big jumper…. not great!!!

The main round kicks of tomorrow and my first round match is against English player Emma Beddoes.

Looking forward to getting started now especially as today in 28 which means I’m wiser and mature right??  Maybe not… ha!


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