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The Olympic Decision

Was it a surprise that squash didn’t get into the 2020 Olympics ? Deep down I wasn’t that surprised. Very disappointed but not surprised.

As soon as Wrestling was taken out it was immediately the favourite to go straight back in. This seems absolutely crazy to me. How can a sport taken out only six months ago because it lacked women’s categories and needed the rule format changed to make it more viewer friendly change in that short a time.

Squash has been campaigning for the last few years to get into the Olympics. We missed out last time to golf and rugby seven and the time before we missed out on the majority vote rule which is no longer in place. What do we have to do to show the IOC we deserve to be there? We are a fast paced exciting sport played worldwide and it’s amazing to watch live and on television.

For any squash player to play in the Olympics would be the pinnacle of our careers. Surely this is what the whole ethics of the Olympics is. Would Tiger Woods rather win a gold medal at the Olympics or a golfing major? Would Andy Murray rather win a gold medal at the Olympics or win Wimbledon? For a squash player winning a gold medal would be the ultimate achievement.

Where does squash go from here? We all know that squash is an amazing sport, we have a healthy worldwide circuit and we will keep pushing forward and adapting and changing to the times. We deserve to be in the Olympics but it feels like we are not just competing against other sports to get in but we are competing against the IOC. I think they need to take a good look at the system and take a piece of their own advice and change with the times.

Too much goes on ‘behind the scenes’ which is the only way we can understand how squash hasn’t got in again.

We feel cheated by the IOC and surely they should be accountable for the time/ effort/ money that squash has put in when deep down they knew that squash and the other sports had no chance of getting in. Wrestling was a dead cert from as soon as they were taken out.

Is this the world that we live in now? A corrupt, unfair and unjust system?

If so then shame on you the IOC, shame on you …

Alison xx


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