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Singapore Masters 2010: 26-31 July

Round 1: Alison beat Rebecca Chiu     3-0
[11/2, 11/6, 11/9] – 26 minutes

“Good to get started in Singapore after a few days settling in and practicing after KL. Good match with Rebecca Chiu last night and pleased to win in 3. She is a tricky player and plays some really nice short shots so I couldn’t let up during the match and tried to keep the pressure on.
Playing Camille tomorrow and we haven’t played for a few years so am looking forward to that”   – Alison

1/4 Finals: Alison beat Camille Serme     3-1
[12/10, 11/3, 9/11, 11/6]

Semi Finals: Alison beat Racheal Grinham     3-2
[11/4, 5/11, 11/5, 11/13, 11/4] – 58 minutes

“Tough match last night with Rach. She played really well and whenever my length wasn’t good enough she would punish it by putting in some great drops from the back that made me work hard. Had two match balls in the 4th so was pleased to come out strongly in the 5th and managed to get a good lead and this was important. Excited to be in the final vs Nicol and there should be a good crowd watching later… all supporting me of course…!! hmmm…..!   – Alison

Final: Alison lost to Nicol David    0-3
[16/18, 9/11, 10/12] – 63 Minutes

“Tight Tight match with Nicol and i think the first game was about 27 mins which is the longest game i have ever played. So it would have been a good one to have won and unfortunately Nicol took it 18/16. The next two games were neck and neck and I had a gameball in the 3rd which I again didn’t convert. Tough match and think we were both pretty tired at the end.

Having a few days break now in Hong Kong with Pete so I’m looking forward to that. Then it’s off to Melbourne for some training at Sarah Fitzs then Canberra starts on the 11th August, so after a bit of a rest I will start preparing for that.
Looking forward to going to Australia. Not been there since 4 years ago
for the Commonwealth Games so it will bring back many memories”   – Alison

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