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National Squash Championships: Round 1 (8th February)

Alison Waters beat Kirsty McPhee (3-0)
 11/2, 11/5, 11/2 (19m)

“Waters is back”

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The evening session started with the welcome return from long-term injury of two-time champion Alison Waters, who wasted no time in getting past qualifier Kirsty McPhee in straight games.

“It’s weird to think that I haven’t played a tournament for ten months since the Cayman Islands last March,” said a delighted Waters, “so that felt brilliant!

“It was a nice game to start with, I really enjoyed it and I’m so looking forward to getting back on that glass court now. After this I’m going to have to qualify some smaller tournaments to get my ranking back up, so hopefully I can get straight into the main draw for the World Open in Cayman in December!

“It feels good to be back …” she concluded.


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