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Injury Update

‘It’s been six weeks now since my operation and everything is going very
well. I have just started doing a lot of different calf exercises to get the
muscle back and to get the movement and range in my Achilles. It’s amazing how
quickly your muscles shrink! (not that my calves have ever been that big!!)

It’s mainly body weight exercises to start and a few exercises with
weight on. Gradually increasing the weight and the range as well. It’s great to
be increasing the rehab now and even though its only something small it feels
like something big.

I was told that you have to wait 6 weeks post op before you can really
start loading it up more and its amazing how quickly the last 6 weeks have
gone. I thought it would be really slow and boring but i have had great people
around me who have made things really easy! I can do as much cardio work as i
want.. on the bike and cross trainer and i have started doing some inclined
treadmill walking as well.. very exciting!!! (I’m serious)

I had an interesting email from a lady with similar Achilles problems as
me and its great that i feel i can give advice on this and use my experience to
help/reassure people.

It’s always nice if you are injured or need an operation to talk to
someone who has been through it as well. To tell you that it’s not actually as
bad as you think it might be!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Have a great
week. I think the sun is on its way out!

Alison x

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