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‘A Day in the Life of a Professional Squash Player’ (Part 3)

Part three…. US Open.

First round I played Aisling Blake, I had a good match and won 3-0. Felt like I was hitting my targets well and settled into the glass court nicely. Was happy  to get off in three games as Aisling can be tricky to play. The US open with having equal prize money for the first time ever is a long event. An 8 day event with three rest days. From the last 16 all matches are on the glass court so scheduling means there has to be rest days. So after my first round match I had my first rest day. Rest days are interesting as they feel really strange. If you have had a hard match the day before you are grateful for the rest, but sometimes you almost want to keep the momentum going.

My rest day involved, a bit of shopping, practice and then some relaxation. But the end of the day I was looking forward to playing the next round. I was up against Donna Urquhart of Australia. I played well in patches and in other parts I totally switched off. Not a good idea as Donna was playing well and was fired up for the match as you would expect. I ended up scrapping a win 12-10 in the 5th and actually I was pretty lucky to win in the end.

So this is followed by another rest day and after a five setter I was grateful for the break. The morning was spent relaxing then I had a practice and watched some of the matches.

Quarter finals day and I was up against Joelle king of New Zealand the number 5 in the world. On paper this should have been a close match as I’m currently 4 in the world. It wasn’t really and having lost a tight first game 12-10 I went onto loose the match 3-0. I don’t like losing at the best of time but it was the way that I lost which was the most disappointing.

On a positive note I have to think I got to the quarter finals when deep down I know I wasn’t playing as well as I can play so as long as I can improve for the next tournament then that is what is most important. Shanghai is next and first round starts on Thursday 24th October.

This is the last tournament of this mini series so hopefully I can finish on a real positive note…..

Keep posted for part 4…..

Ali xx

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