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‘A Word from Alison’ (6th May)

We all had a great week in Nuremberg for the European teams, winning both the men’s and women’s events. This was the goal at the start of the week and even though on paper we should have won we still have to go there and do the job, which we did!

The Guys beat France in the final and us girls played a good Irish team winning 2-1. Had a fun dinner and celebration afterwards to round the event off. Great week with lots of good banter going around!!

Back home now and I have a week’s training before the British open starting next Tuesday. First round at St George’s Hill!

First up though is the Premier League final down in Guildford on Tuesday night. It’s a repeat of last year’s final and is against St George’s! Should be some great matches…….with hopefully a repeat of last year result as well!!

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