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2012 Update (Some better news)

Its 2012!! Big Year!!

Everything is going well… I cracked on with my rehab and
training over the Christmas period as I’m not good with sitting around for too
long and I feel like I have some catching up to do!!

I have been back on court the last two weeks. The first week
back I started by doing some gradual ghosting sessions and as the week went
along I increased the time and the intensity. Then I brought in some hitting
last week and had three good sessions with Paul Carter which got me back into

I’m still building it up slowly as even though my calf feels
100% now it hasn’t had the intensity in it that squash requires, so I can’t go
straight into too much at once!

I’m feeling positive about it all and that’s the key really.  I’m keeping the positive thoughts going and I know that I have done the rehab work on my calf so it is onwards and upwards… long as I plan my sessions out properly and bring things back in at the right time then I’m feeling good to go! (In time of course!!!)

I’m aiming to play our National Championships in Manchester
in three weeks time so am going to get in some more good training and hits over
this time. I’m still doing my calf rehab work three times a week and this is
something that I will have to continue for the rest of my career. That’s the
hardest thing about it, especially now I’m back on court, is having to go to
the gym and do my rehab. I would rather be out there on the squash court
training, but I know that my rehab sessions are the most important sessions of
the week so you just have to get on with it!!

Positive thoughts, positive feelings, positive action!!

Alison xx

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