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‘Returning from Chicago’

I’m on the flight home from Chicago with 5 hours
to go on the clock, not that I’m counting down or anything….! I’m looking
forward to getting home after experiencing another polar vortex in Chicago. It
was freezing with temperatures as low as minus 14 and with Chicago being known
as the Windy City minus 14 with a wind chill is pretty awful.

Squash wise it was a mixed trip. First round I played Joey Chan and won 3-0. I
played well, I have had some tricky matches with Joey in the past as she is a
skill full little player. Next was onto the glass court in the amazing
cathedral hall, incredible venue with some amazing stained glass windows. A
very unique venue and somewhere I was looking forward to playing in.

I was up against Camille Serme and have been on the receiving ends of a few
loses to her at the end of last year, ( bar a win in league for me) so I knew
it was going to be tough match.

This time was no different and I lost 3-0. I thought Camille played well and
was definitely the better player on the day. She never allowed me to really
settle into the match and I struggled to gain the middle which is where I
thrive from. I had a game ball in the second and ended up losing that game
14-12. Being 2-0 down compared to 1-1 is a huge difference  especially when
I wasn’t feeling 100% comfortable on there at times so it was going to be a big
ask to get that back…which I didn’t!

So it was a a tough lose and even though I potentially could have been 1-1 with
her I wasn’t and a 3-0 is a 3- 0. Playing any sport professionally is tough and
I think someone on the outside doesn’t really understand the highs and lows
that go with playing. Having won the nationals two weeks ago and being on a
high after that and feeling confident coming into Chicago it’s definitely a
back to reality feeling.

However with any match you have to analysis it and watch it back as painful as
that can be.

It’s the only way to learn and to improve for next time. Yes winning is the
best feeling and losing is the worst but you actually learn more from losing
and having watched my match back I’m looking forward to getting home and to
working on things in training to improve my game.

I leave for the World Open in Penang on the 13th march so you can’t dwell on
losing a match for to long, you sulk for a day (which I did) then you have to
learn from it, be positive and be ready to work hard when you get home. A new
challenge lies ahead with the World Open and it’s the most important tournament
of the year so all my attention will be into preparing for that.

Onwards and upwards.

Ali xx

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