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‘January 2011 Update’

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym since my operation.  Lots and
lots of rehab work.  It’s been mainly a lot of calf work to build them up and make
them strong, which then takes the pressure of my Achilles. Mentally it’s pretty tough as i
would much rather be on the squash court but to get back playing again this
is my main priority for the day, to get my rehab done. Physio Joe has
been writing a programme for me for the week which I follow and this has
been very helpful.  It makes sure I’m getting the right amount of rehab, cardio while also introducing light squash back into my routine as well.

I have been going to ‘hot’ yoga classes as well which i really like and this is such a good, tough session and its away from the gym, with lots of people doing it as well which i really enjoy. The class the other night had about 50 people in it!
On a personal note, thanks to my sponsor Vitabiotics (Health care products) for their recent advertising campaign in the London Underground. I had a lot of comments from people saying they had seen the poster of me on various tube trains!! I sometimes go to Warren Street for physio and so over the last few weeks i have seen the poster a lot which was a little embarrassing at times but great publicity for me and for squash.  So a massive thanks to Vitabiotics for their continued support.

Speak soon

Alison xx

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