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Injury Update 28th July 2011

My rehab is going well and I have been stepping up what I have been
doing in the gym. I have been adding in squats/ lunges which tends to bring
on quite a bit of stiffness the next day. Also more balance exercises
and soon to start light jumping and foot drills.

Also I have been doing solo practice for the last few weeks which has
been great. No movement involved but I can still
get my eye back in and work on technical aspects of my game. I have
really enjoyed getting back on court and doing what I know best.

Hoping to step this up over the next few weeks and get back into some
movement on the court. No rush though and I’m just taking it all
gradually and adding bits in when the time is right. I have been
enjoying training back at Hatfield with Tony and we have had some fun
doing circuits which has been nice to get back into some competition!! (I won’t say who
wins the circuits…!)

The season has started for the girls and it has been good following the
results over the last few weeks. Though also hard at the same time
as I wish I was there competing as well.

As they say ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’..!

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