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Injury Update 26th August 2011

Last week I saw the surgeon who performed the operation and he said
everything is looking good and that I can start pushing on
with the rehab. So I have started jogging and am gradually picking up
the duration and pace. I started by running on a soft springy surface
doing 10 mins of fast walking and jogging. Today I did 15 mins of fast
walking and jogging on a mixture of soft and harder surfaces. (running
Also did some squash specific movement as well- side to side ghosting.

So over the next week or so I will be doing the running and movement
work every other day just to give my Achilles a good 48 hours to recover.
So far there has been no reaction the morning after one of these
sessions. So that’s a good sign and the sign I’m looking for to judge if
the session the day before had been too much.

So I’m happy with how everything is going and it’s still a steady process
and a question of seeing how everything reacts to having increased
the training load.

On another note, I’m enjoying that the football season has started again
and my team Liverpool had a great result against arsenal. So am very pleased
with that. I’m doing a fantasy league team this year so will be keeping
a keen eye on what’s going on.

Also good luck to the English men at the World Teams in Germany. Bring
the title home!

Alison xx

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