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Injury Update 1st November 2011

So much to my disappointment I had to pull out of the world open and Hong Kong. I tweaked my calf muscle on court a few weeks ago and I just felt that I wouldn’t be 100% by the time the tournaments arrived. So I decided to pull out of both tournaments and just concentrate on getting myself fit for the start of next year. The worst thing I wanted to do was to play the tournaments when deep down I know I’m not back to the fitness that I want to be at. It was a tough decision to make as I was really looking forward to getting back into tournaments especially playing the worlds.

So I had a few days break away in Dubai to clear my head and it was nice to get some sun and just totally relax.

My calf is feeling good now so I will be working with my physio over the next few weeks and getting my calf and the rest of my body strong again and then getting myself back on court. It has been a challenging time especially over the last few weeks as I had set myself the goal of playing the worlds and Hong Kong so not to play them is quite tough. So now I have had to re-think my goals and think about my training now over the next few months.

Life brings you challenges and this is definitely one of them but things like this only make your stronger and want it more.

Good luck to the guys and girlies at the world open this week!!

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