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4th April 2011: ‘In the Cayman Islands’

“Arrived in the Cayman Islands Friday night and it was great to walk out of the plane into 25 degrees plus!
Staying in a nice hotel about 5mins walk from the beach, beach is amazing and sea temperature perfect!
… …….But I’m here for squash so have been practicing the last few days at the club! First round there before the quarter finals move onto the glass court! I’m playing a qualifier so will find out tonight who I’m playing!
This morning I was up early to go to their local television studios where Marlene West (player from Cayman) and I did a live interview on their ‘Daybreak’ show! Great coverage for the tournament and squash! Tried not to think that it was going out live on air, it was pretty relaxing and a good experience!
Thumbs up for the Cayman Islands!!”

Alison xx

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