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National Squash Championships: Final (12th February)

Alison Waters lost to Laura Massaro (1-3)
2/11, 9/11, 11/8, 4/11  


Alison said:

“I’ve got mixed feelings – I’d like to have won, of course,  I haven’t played a match like that for so long.  I didn’t think I played badly at all, but she’s improved so much since I’ve been away.

“On the other hand, if you’d told me at the start of the week that I’d be in the final, I would have bitten your leg off …”



National Squash Championships: Semi Finals (11th February)

 Alison Waters beat Lauren Briggs (3-0)
11/4, 11/3, 11/6 (26 mins) 


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‘No stopping Waters’

It’s true that she was seeded lower than her opponent, but Alison Waters, the two-time champion, came into the her match against seventh seed Lauren Briggs as strong favourite. She may have been out injured for a year, but she’s been up to world number three, and so far this week she’s looked like it too.

So it was no surprise that she dominated the match from start to end. There were plenty of competitive rallies, Lauren certainly didn’t freeze in the headlights, but she was the one under pressure, and she was the one more likely to make the error at the end of one of the plentiful lengthy rallies.

She gave a good account of herself, as the saying goes, without ever looking likely to win.

Early leads in each of the three games meant that Waters could relax and play those winning volleys she loves, and only when already 9/4 up in the third did she show real fallibility with a couple of unnecessary errors. They didn’t matter, she took the two points she needed, volleying short then deep and she was into her sixth Nationals final.


Alison said:

“I love playing here and I really enjoyed the match, but I knew I’d have to work hard for it.

“After so long out you know what you want to achieve and it can help you come back stronger, I’m  looking forward to tomorrow now.”


National Squash Championships: 1/4 Finals (10th February)

Alison Waters beat Sarah Kippax (3-0)
11/4, 11/5, 11/8 


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Waters back … you bet

“The first quarter-final of the evening featured the fourth seed versus the eighth seed, but the expectations were that the lower-ranked player would win, giving us the first on-court upset of the main championships.

That’s because the eight seed was two-time National Champion Alison Waters, playing her first tournament for ten months, and although she’s slipped from 4 to 41 in the world she boasted a 5-0 winning record over her opponent Sarah Kippax who was bidding to reach her first Nationals semi-final in this, her fifth successive quarter-final.

And so it turned out on court as Waters assumed control from the start, moving freely, punching in those volleys she loves, and not letting Kippax get a hold on the match. The rallies were competitive, but it was generally Waters controlling them, always the one more likely to put in a winner, Kippax always the one more likely to find the tin.

Waters led from start to finish, 7/2 in the first, 7/2 in the second, Kippax got closer in the third to trail 3/5 and 4/6, but Waters opened out to 9/4 and although the last few rallies were probably the most competitive of the match there was only going to be one winner tonight.

Is Alison Waters back? You bet …”


Alison said:

“It felt very good to be back on this court, it’s been a long time. I was a bit nervous and I tried to tell myself not to get too excited, but I still went for a couple of crosscourt kills which went nowhere, but once I settled down I felt good.

“I feel quite close to my best – and the more I play the better I feel.

Sarah is a great athlete and will run everything down, but there was no pressure on me to do anything. I’m relaxed, and thankfully my injury problems are now well and truly behind me – and if I’m down in a game, I just think of what I’ve been through.”



National Squash Championships: Round 1 (8th February)

Alison Waters beat Kirsty McPhee (3-0)
 11/2, 11/5, 11/2 (19m)

“Waters is back”

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The evening session started with the welcome return from long-term injury of two-time champion Alison Waters, who wasted no time in getting past qualifier Kirsty McPhee in straight games.

“It’s weird to think that I haven’t played a tournament for ten months since the Cayman Islands last March,” said a delighted Waters, “so that felt brilliant!

“It was a nice game to start with, I really enjoyed it and I’m so looking forward to getting back on that glass court now. After this I’m going to have to qualify some smaller tournaments to get my ranking back up, so hopefully I can get straight into the main draw for the World Open in Cayman in December!

“It feels good to be back …” she concluded.