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‘After My Two American Tournaments’

Waiting for my flight home now from JFK. Cleveland had
snow storms last night so was lucky to get my flight as many were cancelled.
Smallest plane ever with a one and a two seat making a row up. In snowy
conditions as well, my favourite thing….!!

So had a great week in Cleveland and I love playing this tournament. Mainly
down to the fact that the family we stay with are amazing and it’s like home
away from home, never like leaving but my skin has finally had enough of the
freezing weather so it’s home bound for me!!

First round I played Dipika Palikal and won a tight 3-0. Dipika is a talented
player and has just gone to 10 in the world. Luckily for me she hit quite a few
errors and that was costly for her. Was pleased to get off in three and ready
for my match with Omneya abdel Kawy in the quarters. I have played Omneya so
many times as we came through juniors together. She would always beat me in
juniors and whenever we have played in WSA tournaments more or less it goes to
five games. This match was no different and I found myself 2-0 down. Managed to
win a tight 3rd game where Omneya had 3 match balls and after winning the 3rd
and a close 4th I pushed through and won the 5th quite comfortably. Think I
dodged a bullet but nether-less pleased to be in the semis. Up next was Annie
Au who was the giant killer of the tournament taking out all the seeds. Strange
match as I felt on top a lot of the match but still found myself in a 5th game
with her and it was neck and neck before I eventually lost 13-11 in the 5th!!!
Maybe having dodged a bullet the previous match I had run out of luck. Annie
played well and was very precise in her length and short game. Tough one to
lose especially with a chance to get into the final as well.

Onwards as they say and all in all a good trip with two semi finals. Three
weeks seems to have flown by and now I’m really looking forward to getting home
and seeing my newly decorated house that I have just moved into!! Not much time
off as I will be preparing for the national championships which start on the
13th Feb. There is nothing better than competing as this is what we do so
already I’m really excited about the nationals… Oh and getting back to some
warmer weather, no more minus 10 for me please!!!!

Ali xx

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