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‘A Word from Alison’ (1st June 2012)

‘’I had a good ten days rest after the British Open with a little trip to Keswick in the lake district. Did some good long walks and we were very lucky that the weather was so good the whole time. Also we did a day and a half of doubles in Birmingham where we were testing out the new tin sizes for the Commonwealth games. 11, 13 and 15inch! It definitely made the game much more exciting and thumbs ups for the 13inch tin. So actually my time of wasn’t really resting!! I prefer active rest if there is such a thing!!

I have been back training since Monday and it’s always bit of a shock to the system, especially getting back into the weights. I have a good solid four weeks training before a tournament in Paris, followed by another 5 weeks training before two tournaments in Australia and New Zealand. The summer is the time where we step up training and get some really good fitness work in. It will be a lot of on court work and also some tough running sessions outside as well. I will also be getting some good hitting practice in and really trying to work on aspects of my game which I feel need improving. I will be doing most of my training at Hatfield and Potters bar where there will be a good group of us training. It’s tough but everyone really enjoys it and my aim is not to come last doing the running sessions ….as I do tend to find myself! (am totally out of my comfort zone running!!!)   It will be interesting to see which one of the boy’s cries first… ha!’’

Bring on the Summer!

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