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‘A Weekend In Florence’

‘Had a great weekend in Florence for Italian League. Played one match vs Manuela Manetta and won 3-0. It’s scored differently and it’s just three games to 15, so it could finish 2-1. There were 4 in a team and it was all down to how many points you won, so you could lose in matches 3-1 but still win overall in points. So a different system to over here and its hard going on court when you know you don’t want to drop any points!I managed to get into the town and it was great to walk around and see some great sites, especially to see the Duomo which is basically as its name says ‘the dome of the  cathedral’ and this was stunning. There were some great little side streets and markets and I would love to go back there as there just wasn’t enough time to see everything. Well worth a visit!

So i got back Sunday and then went to present the trophies at the national juniors held at Colets squash club. It was good to see the up and coming players and it seems a long time ago now since I was a junior, time just flies!

It was also great to see my team Liverpool get a fantastic win over Man United. Very happy!!

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